Dead Poet Society “The Fission Tour” at Velvet Underground in Toronto

In the heart of Toronto’s rock scene, the Velvet Underground played host to a night of raw indie rock on May 2, 2024. This was Dead Poet Society’s first headlining show in Toronto. It was a sold-out frenzy that shook the very foundations of the venue, with the support of Texas rockers Post Profit. And what a show it was.

Velvet Underground, with its gritty charm and revamped sound system, provided the perfect setting for the night’s festivities. As I navigated through the crowd, Post Profit had already hit the stage, with their music reverberating through the packed club.

They kicked things off with a bang, with their intense live show and genre-blurring sound setting the stage on fire. During their set, they orchestrated a moment of collective energy, urging the audience to get down on one knee before launching into a soaring leap as one.

But it was Dead Poet Society who truly stole the show. Bursting onto the stage at 9:00, they wasted no time in unleashing their sonic fury. With tracks from their latest album, “FISSION,” blasting through the venue, they took the audience on a wild ride through the depths of their musical souls.

From the gut-wrenching cries of ‘Hard to be God,’ where frontman Jack Underkofler even took a daring dive into the crowd, to the pulsating energy of ‘I Hope You Hate Me,’ Dead Poet Society held nothing back. Fans screamed every word, their voices merging with the band’s in a beautiful symphony of rock ‘n’ roll.

Throughout Dead Poet Society’s performance, the audience enthusiastically engaged in a continuous mosh pit, with hands raised in the air and bodies jumping with infectious energy. As the night progressed, the intensity only grew, with some daring individuals even beginning to crowd-surf halfway through the show.

As the night reached its crescendo with the haunting melodies of “intoodeep,” Dead Poet Society left the stage, but not before leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of everyone in attendance. Before the encore, frontman Jack laid his guitar on the floor of the stage, unleashing a cacophony of feedback that echoed through the venue. The crowd responded with an uproarious chant of “DPS DPS DPS,” refusing to let the night end without one final burst of energy.

After the epic finale, Dead Poet Society was like, ‘Hey, come hang with us at the merch table!’ So, fans swarmed over, snagging vinyl LPs of their latest album ‘FISSION’ and some cool tees. Everyone chilled, chatting, and checking out the merch. It was awesome, you know? It just showed how tight-knit the band and their fans are and how indie rock brings people together.

Thank you so much, Lucy Sky from Looters for the accreditation.

Dead Poet Society Setlist Velvet Underground, Toronto, ON, Canada 2024, The Fission Tour

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