The Voice of Queensrÿche: Geoff Tate Soars at The Rockpile, Toronto

Geoff Tate (ex-lead singer of Queensryche) has been on a mission to prove that he’s still got it, and his Toronto show at The Rockpile was a great example of that. He’s still got that amazing, almost operatic voice and he can still rock out with the best of them. The only thing that’s changed is his hair, which is now short and grey.

The band played for 2 hours straight, with no breaks between songs or between sets. They played a bunch of classics from the early days, like “Operation: Mindcrime,” but there were also some newer songs from their most recent album, “Frequency Unknown.” They also played some old stuff from the 80s when Geoff was lead singer for Queensryche (like “Silent Lucidity” and “Empire”).

It was amazing to see him perform live again after all these years—and even better than expected! If you ever get the chance to see Geoff Tate live in concert, don’t miss it!

The Setlist is down below and don’t forget to leave a comment 🙂

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Geoff Tate Setlist The Rockpile, Etobicoke, ON, Canada 2017, The Whole Story Acoustic Tour

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