Michael Schenker @ Danforth Music Hall, Toronto


As long as there’s heavy metal, there will be Michael Schenker. In fact, he’s been around so long that he was an influence on some of the founding fathers of metal like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden; if you don’t believe me check out the classic “Scorpions – Live in Japan ’76” DVD where you can see him jamming with Judas Priest before UFO even formed.

    German-born Michael Schenker needs no introduction. Beginning his career with his brother Rudolf in the Scorpions (and appearing on two of their albums before leaving at 18 years old), he went on to form UFO and record six studio albums with them, including Lights Out and Strangers In The Night, before moving on to form the Michael Schenker Group (with former UFO colleague Paul Raymond) in 1980.You probably know Michael Schenker’s name. He is a legendary guitarist, having played in UFO and the Scorpions before forming his own band, The Michael Schenker Group.

    This was one of the few shows that sold out that night and it showed: the crowd was electric from start to finish! The band delivered an outstanding setlist playing all of their hits like “Armed And Ready,” “Rock Bottom,” “Lights Out” and many others. They also played some covers including Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” among others which were met with huge approval from fans who knew them well enough to sing along.

    The guitars sounded great as did everything else on stage – I’ve said this before but it bears repeating: these guys are pros when it comes to live music performance – they know how to get people pumped up while still being able to deliver an entire set without letting up once (which is key).

    Despite being a lifelong metal fan, I had never seen Michael Schenker live until this show, so I was looking forward to it a lot and doing my best to not get my expectations too high.

    • If you’re a metal fan, you probably know who Michael Schenker is. He’s been playing guitar for over 40 years and was an important member of the Scorpions, UFO, MSG and many other bands throughout his career.
    • He’s known as an extremely talented guitarist who has influenced many musicians in his field.
    • His vocals are also very impressive; he has a powerful voice that can fill any venue with ease.


    If you’re a fan of classic rock and heavy metal, this show is absolutely not to be missed. If you’ve never seen Michael Schenker before but are curious about what all the fuss is about, get yourself some tickets now so that you don’t miss out on seeing one of the most talented guitarists in rock history play at his best!

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