Stand United in Metal: A Night with Firewind, Edge of Paradise, and Immortal Guardian at Ground Control

Hey fellow metalheads! Let me take you on a journey through my first-ever experience seeing Firewind, Edge of Paradise, and Immortal Guardian live at Ground Control in Toronto on their “Stand United in America Tour 2024”. Spoiler alert: it was absolutely mind-blowing.

Arriving early, my excitement peaked at the sight of Firewind’s tour bus and RV parked outside, trailers already emptied of their gear. There was a line up of fans already out front, eagerly waiting for the front doors to open so they could secure their spot in the front row. Despite a minor parking ticket hiccup (quickly resolved, thanks to the Ground Control crew), you could feel the excitement building among everyone gathered outside.

Inside, the venue, despite it being a Monday night and the crowd numbering around 200, the energy was off the charts. Herbie Langhans, Firewind’s vocalist, summed it up perfectly when he said it felt like a Saturday – that’s the power of metal, right?

But before the music began, I took a moment to explore Ground Control. And let me tell you, it’s not your average venue. The place is decked out with David Bowie memorabilia – from his record collection to portraits from the Art Gallery of Ontario’s Bowie exhibit. And the bar? It’s like stepping into a glam rock dream. They’ve got Bowie-inspired cocktails like the Ziggy Stardust Sour and the Starman Spritz, all served up under the watchful eye of a mannequin dressed as Ziggy himself, with a TV for a head playing music videos all night long.

Immortal Guardian seized the stage with an unbridled passion, their vocalist wielding a microphone fashioned in the likeness of a skull—a potent symbol of metal unity. Their anthems, “Goodbye to Farewells” and “Perfect Person,” ignited the crowd’s spirits, setting the tone for the spectacle that followed. Gabriel Guardian, founder of Immortal Guardian, showcased his uncanny ability to play guitar and keyboard simultaneously, mesmerizing the audience with his extraordinary talent.

Edge of Paradise perpetuated the fervor with a set brimming with energy and infectious melodies. Songs like “Soldiers of Danger” and “Digital Paradise” elicited an electric response from the audience, cementing their status as worthy companions to the metal luminaries to come. I found myself headbanging along with the rest of the audience, including the three dedicated fans positioned at the front of the stage. It was evident that they were there solely for Edge of Paradise, and as the band concluded their performance, they departed, having experienced the magic they came for.

And then, the moment I’d been waiting for – Firewind. Gus G.’s shredding, Herbie’s vocals – it was everything I’d hoped for and more. From classics like “Salvation Day” to new tracks off “Stand United,” they had us in the palm of their hands.

The best part? The special moments sprinkled throughout the set. Gus G. doing a solo with his guitar behind his head during “The Fire and the Fury” was insane, and when the whole crowd lit up the venue with their cell phone flashlights during “Longing to Know You,” I got chills.

And let’s not forget the highlight of the night – when Herbie invited us all to dance during “Maniac.” The energy was electric, and it felt like one big metal family tearing up the dance floor.

As the night came to a close with “Falling to Pieces,” and Gus G. ventured into the crowd during the solo, I knew I’d just experienced something truly special. Firewind’s return to Toronto at Ground Control was everything I’d hoped for and more – a night of epic metal that I’ll never forget.

And let’s not forget, this epic night of metal coincided with the release of Firewind’s latest album, “Stand United,” which was released on March 1st, 2024, via AFM Records.

Thank you so much, Taylor Palmby from atomspliiterpr for the accreditation.


Firewind Setlist Ground Control, Toronto, ON, Canada, Stand United in America Tour 2024

Immortal Guardian

Immortal Guardian Setlist Ground Control, Toronto, ON, Canada 2024
Edge of Paradise Setlist Ground Control, Toronto, ON, Canada 2024

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