Album Review: “Somewhere Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees” by Dogstar

In a remarkable resurgence, Dogstar, the alternative rock band hailing from the heart of Los Angeles, California, has made an unexpected comeback after more than two decades of silence. Formed in the early ’90s, the band first caught the public’s attention not only for their music but also due to the involvement of Hollywood icon Keanu Reeves as their bassist. Fast forward to 2023, and Dogstar has once again graced us with their musical talent in their latest album, “Somewhere Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees.”

The album kicks off with the single “Everything Turns Around,” marking the band’s return in style. The track exudes a sense of nostalgia while also showcasing a refined, modern sound that immediately draws you in. Bret Domrose’s gritty vocals and guitar work, coupled with Keanu Reeves’ distinctive bass lines, create a musical synergy that is both captivating and reminiscent of their past glory.

The album demonstrates an evolution in Dogstar‘s sound, retaining elements of their alternative rock roots while incorporating new, more mature sensibilities. Tracks like “City of Angels” and “Lost in the Sunshine” exude a sense of longing and reflection, underpinned by Robert Mailhouse’s solid drumming. It’s clear that the band’s extended hiatus has given them the opportunity to mature both personally and musically, and this growth is clear throughout the album.

“Somewhere Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees” is a lyrical journey that delves into themes of change, self-discovery, and the passage of time. In the track “Endless Highway,” we’re treated to introspective lyrics that evoke a sense of searching and wandering. These introspective moments are complemented by Domrose’s emotional guitar work and Reeves’ steadfast basslines, creating an evocative musical landscape.

The album’s title itself, “Somewhere Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees,” paints a vivid picture of a place where contrasts and contradictions coexist, and this duality is beautifully reflected in the music. Dogstar’s ability to blend melancholic introspection with catchy, melodic hooks shines in songs like “Memories Fade” and “Desert Dreams.”

It’s worth noting that the band’s reunion at the BottleRock Napa Valley music festival in 2023 was a significant turning point. The performance consisted of songs from their first two albums, and their return to the stage was met with warm applause. This reunion undoubtedly infused new energy into the band, which is visible in the music they’ve created for this album.

“Somewhere Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees” is a testament to Dogstar’s enduring musical spirit and their commitment to their craft. While the years have passed, their dedication to their art and the chemistry between the band members remain unshaken. This album is a welcome addition to their discography, showcasing a band that has matured and evolved while staying true to their alternative rock roots.

In conclusion, Dogstar’s comeback with “Somewhere Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees” is a testament to the enduring power of music and the creative spirit. The album offers a refreshing blend of nostalgia and contemporary sound, making it a must-listen for both long-time fans and newcomers to their music. With this release, Dogstar has shown that even after years of silence, their music continues to resonate with emotion and resonance. Welcome back, Dogstar, your return is music to our ears.

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