Rockin’ Resurrection: The Dead Daisies Live at The Hub, Kitchener

The Dead Daisies rocked the house at The Hub in Kitchener (formerly Wax Nightclub), and you couldn’t help but move to the groove of the band. It was such an incredible show. It was a packed house, with over 400 tickets sold; it truly was an epic rock experience. The Dead Daisies showed us why they are a world-renowned ‘bad-ass rock band’ and will be talked about for some time!

With seven dates in Canada and eight in the United States, this was the band’s fifth show of the tour as they celebrate 10 years as a supergroup. They have a new double album called “The Best Of,” which came out on the 18th of August, and it also features two unreleased tracks from the band’s last recording session.

The current lineup of the Dead Daisies features David Lowy, drummer Brian Tichy (who first joined in 2013), guitarist Doug Aldrich (since 2016), vocalist John Corabi (who first joined in 2015), and bassist Michael Devin (since 2023).

The band took to the stage to play an incredibly powerful 16-song setlist that also featured two encore favorites. From the opening chords of “Resurrected” and “Rise Up” to the closing of Whitesnakes “Slide It In”, The Dead Daisies rocked the house and left the audience wishing for more!

I was particularly impressed with Brian Tichy’s drum solo—sticks were flying in all directions and raining down all over the stage! It was truly epic!

Throughout the night, there was a lot of interaction between the band and the audience. Make Some Noise was the first song of the night that we all participated in. The band also did something a bit different that I had never experienced before when frontman John Corabi took the time to introduce all of the band members.

As each member was introduced to the audience, they would perform an excerpt of a song that we all grew up listening to on the radio.

For example, when introducing the guitarist David Lowy, they played AC/DC’s ‘Highway to Hell, and the entire audience sang along. When introducing the drummer, Brian Tishay, the band started off with Judas Priest’s ‘Living After Midnight.’ For the bassist, Michael Devin, it was Black Sabbath’s ‘Heaven and Hell.’ And then for the guitarist, Doug Aldridge, they fired up Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on the Water.’ Finally, when David Lowy introduced John Corabi, they went with Grand Funk Railroad’s ‘We’re an American Band.’

It’s certainly a fun and interactive way to introduce the band to your audience, and it got everyone in the room excited for the rest of the night. It’s just one of the many fun moments from the Dead Daisies show.

All in all, the Dead Daisies showed us why they are one of the greatest hard rock bands in the world, and it was an absolute pleasure to witness them once again in full flow.

Thank you so much, Strut Entertainment, for the accreditation.

The Hub may not be the most well-known live music venue yet in Kitchener, but it was a great setting for this world-renowned “Bad Ass” rock band, and I look forward to attending more shows there in the future.

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To Celebrate a Decade of Rock – The Band have released the video below, recapping the Resurrected Tour so far.

The Dead Daisies Setlist The Hub, Kitchener, ON, Canada, Resurrected Tour 2023

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