The Black Veil Brides Invades Toronto’s History

The Black Veil Brides, with their fervent army of fans in tow, descended upon Toronto’s History Club as part of their BVB World Tour 2023. The purpose? To continue the relentless promotion of their 2021 album, “The Phantom Tomorrow,” and their 2022 EP, “The Mourning,” The anticipation was clear, as die-hard fans had been lining up since 1:00 in the afternoon, braving the elements and sharing camaraderie through fan-made friendship bracelets, creating an atmosphere of unity among attendees.

The venue’s doors finally swung open at 6:00 in the evening, and the stage was set for a night of rock and roll revelry. As the clock struck 7:00, the show kicked off in grand fashion, with fans from all corners of the map converging to witness the spectacle. Among the crowd, a group of dedicated fans had even travelled from Buffalo, New York, having attended the previous night’s show at The Rapids Theatre in Niagara Falls. One fan proudly reminisced about their first encounter with the band back in 2008 at the Madison in Covington, Kentucky. Clearly, this was a night to remember.

Inside, the History Club was teeming with energy and excitement. The audience was predominantly composed of 20+ year-old girls donning goth-inspired attire, aligning perfectly with the Black Veil Brides aesthetic.

On centre stage, the charismatic Andy Biersack commanded attention with his powerful vocals. To his left, the skilled Jake Pitts shredded on lead guitar, while Jinxx contributed his rhythmic talents on stage left. Behind them, Christian “CC” Coma held court at his drum station, proving his prowess behind the drum kit, with the iconic BVB logo looming large as a backdrop. Notably, Lonny Eagleton, who hails from Canada, manned the bass duties on stage right behind Jinxx.

The Black Veil Brides treated the crowd to a thrilling setlist that included hits like “Crimson Skies,” “Rebel Love Song,” “Wake Up,” “Nobody’s Hero,” “Devil,” “Scarlet Cross,” “Torch,” “Perfect Weapon,” “The Legacy,” “Knives and Pens,” “Lost It All,” and “Fallen Angels.” The audience’s energy was evident from the opening notes of “Crimson Skies,” and the band wasted no time in getting fans jumping, screaming, and headbanging, with cell phones and devil horns raised high.

A standout moment of the night occurred during “Shadows Rise,” with Jinxx showcasing his virtuosity by playing the violin, adding a unique dimension to their performance. It was a testament to the band’s versatility and willingness to push boundaries.

As the night drew to a close, The Black Veil Brides delivered an unforgettable finale, performing “Fallen Angels” and the anthemic “In the End.” The crowd’s energy reached its zenith during these tracks, creating a powerful connection between the band and their loyal fans.

Despite the fervent calls for an encore, the show concluded with “In the End,” leaving the audience with a sense of satisfaction and a lingering desire for more.

All in all, Toronto’s History Club bore witness to a night of passion, music, and unity as the Black Veil Brides Army once again proved that their loyalty and love for the band know no bounds. The BVB World Tour 2023 had made a resounding mark on Toronto, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this sonic journey.

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Andy Biersack addresses his fans to share a peculiar moment that occurred during the performance of the song “Perfect Weapon.” He bursts into laughter as he recounts witnessing a rather unusual incident at the concert: someone in the crowd humorously wafting the scent of their armpit towards the person next to them.

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