Rocking the North: John Corabi Rocks The Rockpile in Toronto

We were at The Rockpile last night and it was amazing.

John Corabi is a rock star! He’s got this amazing voice and plays guitar, too. He’s like Dave Mustaine meets Mick Mars meets Zakk Wylde meets Matt Sorum (minus the drugs).

He played all of his best songs and then some: “Alive and Kickin'”, “All I Want”, “Mucous Membrane”, “Dancin’ In The Dark”. It was great to see him perform live because he doesn’t tour as much anymore.

I would definitely recommend going to see him if you get the chance!

In a night of legendary performances, John Corabi was the star of the show.

The Rockpile was packed to the brim with fans who were there to see one thing: John Corabi! Everyone rose to their feet as he took the stage, and they weren’t disappointed. His voice has only improved with age, and his energy is undeniable. He sang all of his hits, including “Alone” and “Say It Ain’t So”. The crowd loved every minute of it!

Afterwards, we chatted briefly with John about his upcoming tour, which will take place in 2020. He said that he’s excited to be bringing his new songs to audiences across Canada in the coming months. We can’t wait!

It was an awesome show! The Rockpile is such a cool venue, and I’ve been wanting to go there for years. It’s a vintage music hall where they have shows almost every night of the week, but there’s something about the sound that makes it feel like you’re at home with your friends—and it’s just a great place to hang out and listen to music.

John Corabi was absolutely incredible! He played all my favorite songs from his days in Motley Crue and Ratt, including “She Goes Down” and “You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory.” We were actually lucky enough to get some time with him after the show, which was surreal—it was like talking to one of my childhood heroes!

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