Motorheadache @ The Rockpile, Toronto

Motorheadache Rips through the Rockpile

Motorheadache took the stage on Friday night, and the atmosphere in The Rockpile went from feeling like a typical Friday night to the power of electricity that only happens when you know an amazing band is about to play. This was Motorheadache’s first time playing in Toronto, and it won’t be their last after Friday’s performance. The band had everyone dancing, head banging, and singing their hearts out until the very last note was played.

Set List

  1. Ace of Spades

The best thing about Motorheadache is that it’s not just a bunch of middle-aged men dabbling in rock and roll. The band, hailing from Toronto, features six women and three men who are all under 30-years-old.

The crowd cheered as Motorheadache took to the stage. They opened with a cover of Ace of Spades. The band was tight and sounded great. It was too bad they didn’t play more Motorhead songs, but they finished with a classic version of Killed by Death that was really well done. The crowd chanted for an encore, but sadly it wasn’t meant to be. Motorheadache were on their way back home before last call!

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