Mr. Big’s Farewell Tour Rocks Meridian Hall

A Night to Remember: The Big Finish Tour

The legendary rock band Mr. Big delivered a stellar performance at Meridian Hall in Toronto on May 25, 2024, as part of their much-anticipated “The Big Finish Tour.” Doors opened at 6:30 PM, and the show kicked off promptly at 7:30 PM, with fans filling the venue to bid farewell to a band.

Opening Act: Dave Bickler

The evening began with a powerful set by Dave Bickler, the former lead singer of Survivor. Bickler, known for his iconic voice behind the hit “Eye of the Tiger,” got the crowd warmed up with a mix of Survivor classics and his solo work. His setlist included fan favorites like “Burning Heart,” “Chevy Nights,” and, of course, “Eye of the Tiger,” which had the entire hall roaring with approval. Backed by a talented band, including guitarist Stephen DeAcutis and Toronto-based musicians Frigi Roi, Furdz Laking, and Lim Ver, Bickler’s performance was both nostalgic and invigorating.

Mr. Big Takes the Stage

Mr. Big’s performance was a true celebration of their illustrious career. They kicked off with “Addicted to That Rush,” setting the tone for a night filled with high-energy rock and heartfelt ballads. The setlist was a carefully curated journey through their discography, with a special highlight being the complete performance of their 1991 breakthrough album, “Lean Into It.”

Songs like “Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (The Electric Drill Song)” showcased the band’s unique blend of technical prowess and showmanship. Guitarist Paul Gilbert brought out his iconic electric drill, fitted with a special three-sided pick, and thrilled the audience by replicating the song’s famous solo.

The audience was treated to a series of hits, including “Alive and Kickin’,” “Green-Tinted Sixties Mind,” and “To Be With You,” the latter of which turned the entire hall into a massive sing-along.

Special Moments and Surprises

The night was filled with memorable moments, such as the humorous instrument swap during “Good Lovin’,” where Eric Martin took over on bass, Paul Gilbert on drums, Billy Sheehan led vocals, and Nick D’Virgilio played guitar. Eric Martin’s playful comment, “like it’s easy,” had the crowd laughing and cheering.

One of the touching highlights was when the band performed “Wild World,” with both Eric and Paul playing acoustic guitars. This was the only Canadian date on the tour, and Eric Martin expressed his gratitude, noting it was the first time they performed “My Kinda Woman” in Canada.

The concert concluded with an explosive cover of The Who’s “Baba O’Riley,” after which a fan handed Eric a rose, adding a poignant touch to the finale. The night ended with a group selfie of both bands and the audience, capturing a moment that fans will cherish for years.

Behind the Scenes

Despite not being sold out, Meridian Hall was packed with enthusiastic fans. An unexpected issue with the stage lights initially caused discomfort for Eric Martin, but it was quickly resolved, much to his relief. The merchandise table was a hit, with all T-shirts selling out by the end of the night.

A Bittersweet Farewell

Mr. Big’s performance in Toronto was more than just a concert; it was a heartfelt farewell from a band that has given its all to its fans over the years. With Nick D’Virgilio filling in for the late Pat Torpey, the band managed to maintain their signature harmonies and dynamic stage presence.

In the words of Billy Sheehan, “We wanted to do a proper farewell, and this seems like the right way to do it.” The Big Finish Tour is indeed a fitting tribute to Mr. Big’s legacy, and their Toronto show was a night filled with rock ‘n’ roll magic.

Mr Big

Mr. Big Setlist Meridian Hall, Toronto, ON, Canada 2024, The Big Finish

Dave Bickler

David Bickler Setlist Meridian Hall, Toronto, ON, Canada 2024

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