Queensrÿche and Armored Saint Rock Elements Night Club in Kitchener!

Queensrÿche, alongside special guests Armored Saint, tore up the stage at Elements Night Club in Kitchener on Sunday April 21st, 2024, as part of their ‘Origins Tour’. This wasn’t just another gig; it was a full-throttle journey back to the roots of metal.

As the doors swung open, a tidal wave of fans surged in, hungry for the epic spectacle promised by Queensrÿche’s performance of their 1983 self-titled EP and the 1984 classic “The Warning” in their entirety. The vibe was pure rock ‘n’ roll rebellion mixed with a hint of nostalgia for the glory days of metal.

Before the amps even hummed to life, the heavy metal vibe was coursing through the crowd, igniting our rock ‘n’ roll souls.. Conversations crackled with memories of past shows, favorite riffs, and the indelible mark Queensrÿche had left on their lives. One die-hard fan proudly showed off his Queensrÿche ink and shared photos of his decked-out truck—a rolling tribute to the metal legends.

Inside the revamped movie theater turned nightclub, the stage was set for a night of unadulterated chaos. With Elements Night Club boasting a pedigree of hosting legendary acts, it was the perfect battleground for Queensrÿche and Armored Saint to wage their sonic assault.

As Queensrÿche unleashed the fury with “Queen of the Reich” leading the charge, the crowd erupted into a frenzy. Todd La Torre’s vocals ripped through the air like a freaking hurricane, man! I’m talking scorching growls, soaring highs—every note hitting you like a punch in the gut. From the bone-crushing riffs of “Nightrider” to the epic anthem “Take Hold of the Flame,” each song was a sonic sledgehammer to the senses.

But Queensrÿche wasn’t alone in this metal crusade. Armored Saint brought their own brand of heavy artillery to the battlefield, unleashing classics like “March of the Saint” and “Reign of Fire” with unbridled ferocity. The crowd was electrified, fists pumping and heads banging in unison.

With over 500 fans packing the venue, the energy was off the charts. The air crackled with electricity as Queensrÿche and Armored Saint unleashed a sonic assault that left no eardrum unscathed.

As the night reached its climax, Todd La Torre addressed the audience one last time, introducing the encore song: “Prophecy.” He revealed that it was a hidden gem, added to the remastered EP, and considered a deep cut by true Queensrÿche aficionados.

And as the final notes of “Prophecy” echoed through the venue, the crowd roared in approval, knowing they had witnessed a true rock ‘n’ roll spectacle. But Queensrÿche had one last surprise in store. In a moment of pure camaraderie, they stepped to the edge of the stage and snapped a selfie with the crowd—a fitting end to an unforgettable night of metal madness.

After this epic finale, fans had one last chance to grab a piece of the action at the merch table. Queensrÿche had everything a metalhead could dream of—guitar picks, drum skins, and even guitar strings, all signed by the band. And let’s not forget the killer tees to rock your metal pride.

Meanwhile, Armored Saint had their own stash of goodies, with CDs and posters signed by the band, along with tees to show your allegiance to the metal crusade.

Leaving with memories to cherish and a piece of the concert to take home, fans spilled out into the night, fueled by the adrenaline of the unforgettable performance they had just experienced. Even though the gig was over, that electric vibe stayed alive, burning bright in their hearts. As they disappeared into the city lights, you could bet they were already planning their next metal adventure.

Thank you so much, Lucy Sky from Looters for the accreditation.


Queensrÿche Setlist Elements Night Club, Kitchener, ON, Canada 2024, The Origins Tour

Armored Saint

Armored Saint Setlist Elements Night Club, Kitchener, ON, Canada 2024

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