Pizza Bush at The Painted Lady: A Sizzling Slice of Music

If you’re seeking an evening of music that defies the ordinary, The Painted Lady on Ossington Avenue is the place to be. On July 7th, Pizza Bush, a gross girl collective with a knack for blending silliness with heartfelt tunes, graced the intimate stage, leaving Toronto in stitches and applause.

The Painted Lady, with its narrow layout and charming decor, proved to be the ideal backdrop for the night’s musical odyssey. The framed pictures on the walls and the delicate chandeliers overhead added a touch of elegance to the quirky atmosphere, setting the stage for the eclectic performance that was about to unfold.

The night kicked off with solo sets by Mélanie Udell and Nicole Davis, providing a delightful prelude to the main act. The original music showcased their individual talents and seamlessly transitioned the audience into the whimsical world of Pizza Bush.

Pizza Bush’s setlist was a rollercoaster of emotions, touching on everything from bacterial vaginosis and Fuckboys to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and bad dates. The infectious tunes and humorous storytelling had the crowd on their feet, creating an atmosphere that was as intimate as it was uproarious.

The band’s instrumentation, ranging from guitars and accordion to drums and ukulele, showcased their versatility and added layers to their already eclectic sound. The chemistry between Mélanie, Nicole, and Ellen was evident, creating a performance that was both musically engaging and visually captivating.

The diverse audience, a mix of dedicated Pizza Bush fans and newcomers, came together in a shared appreciation for the unique style of the band. Friends, family, and fans celebrated the goblin femmes and thems that make up the Pizza Bush collective, turning The Painted Lady into a vibrant, united space.

The crowd’s energy mirrored the band’s enthusiasm, resulting in a night filled with laughter, sing-alongs, and an unmistakable sense of camaraderie. Pizza Bush wasn’t just a band on stage; they were the ringleaders of a joyous musical circus.

From the opening notes of “The Pizza Bush Creation Story” to the crowd favorites like “Maggots in the Bread,” “Super Duper Pooper,” and “Slut Song,” every moment of the performance was a highlight. Pizza Bush’s ability to seamlessly blend humor with heart made for an unforgettable evening, leaving an indelible mark on Toronto’s music scene.

Setlist: Creation Story, Cedar Stick, Bullshit, Seaward Heart, Po Boy, My Week, Sanity Song, Maggots in the Bread, Teenage POS, Super Duper Pooper, Beets, Sex Noises, Slut Song

As the final notes echoed through The Painted Lady, it was clear that Pizza Bush had delivered more than just a concert; they had created an experience. The online thank-you message from the band, expressing love for “gross girls, goblins, gornts, and ghouls,” only solidified the notion that Pizza Bush is more than a band; they are a community, a celebration of the wonderfully weird.

In the heart of Ossington Avenue, The Painted Lady proved once again that it’s not the size of the stage but the magic within it that defines a memorable concert. Pizza Bush’s performance was a testament to the power of music to entertain, connect, and leave a lasting impression. If ever presented with the opportunity, don’t miss the chance to witness Pizza Bush live—it’s not just a concert; it’s a wild, heartwarming, and uproarious journey you’ll want to experience again and again. Long live the goblin femmes and thems of Pizza Bush!

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