Polyphia’s ‘Remember That You Will Die’ Tour Rocks Toronto’s History Club

As I embarked on my journey on the evening of Saturday, October 21, 2023, little did I know that a significant demonstration was unfolding in Toronto. A passionate gathering in support of Palestinians had filled Nathan Phillips Square, demanding a ceasefire amid ongoing international tensions. This demonstration led to unforeseen traffic snarls, making my trip to the History Club an arduous three-hour ordeal. Blocked expressways and closed off-ramps added to the chaos, ultimately culminating in a lengthy drive.

Upon my arrival at 7:30 PM, I was greeted with a sight that took me by surprise. The queue to enter the venue stretched far and wide, snaking around the club’s perimeter. After finally making my way inside at 7:50 PM, I was met with a packed venue, brimming with eager fans from the front of the stage to the back wall. With a sold-out crowd of 2,500, it was evident that the anticipation for the night’s performance was clear.

On this particular night, Polyphia was headlining the show, with Domi and JD Beck as the opening act. The latter duo, Domi and JD Beck, showcased their remarkable musical prowess. Domi, a French pianist and keyboardist known for her virtuosic skills, partnered with American drummer JD Beck to deliver a captivating performance. Their onstage setup, featuring a backdrop of four white trees, provided a visually appealing backdrop for their intricate and experimental fusion of jazz and funk.

Domi and JD Beck’s setlist featured a diverse mix of tracks, including captivating covers of “Madvillain” and “Weather Report.” Their improvisational and experimental style resonated well with the eager audience, setting the stage for the main act of the night.

Polyphia, the American instrumental progressive metal band hailing from Dallas, Texas, took the stage to a roar of applause. Known for their technical proficiency and genre-blending prowess, the band’s performance was highly anticipated.

With a setlist that ranged from high-energy tracks like “Loud” and “Goose” to more melodic compositions such as “Reverie” and “Euphoria,” Polyphia demonstrated their ability to seamlessly traverse musical styles. Their instrumental sound, typically devoid of vocals, didn’t deter the fans. Throughout the night, the audience enthusiastically engaged, raising hands, flashing devil horns, singing along to the instrumental melodies, and even jumping to the beats.

The stage design added to the visual spectacle, with Tim and Scott positioned on small risers at the front of the stage, creating a dynamic presence. The drum kit, elevated in the middle, was surrounded by six track lights that pulsed and grooved in harmony with the music, amplifying the sensory experience.

Polyphia’s encore set became an unforgettable moment. The band teased the audience, offering one more song, and as the crowd cheered, they playfully extended it to two. When they hinted at a third encore track, the audience erupted in jubilation. The night reached its peak during this last song when Tim stepped to the center stage, directing the crowd to part down the middle for a “wall of death.” As Scott counted down, the crowd ran towards each other, moshing and headbanging in an explosive display of raw energy.

In conclusion, Polyphia’s concert with Domi and JD Beck was a night to remember. It defied the boundaries of genre and captivated a diverse audience, leaving everyone awestruck by the sheer musical talent and passion on display. Despite the unforeseen challenges in reaching the venue, the night was nothing short of a sonic journey through the realms of progressive metal and experimental jazz. Polyphia’s North American tour for “Remember That You Will Die” promises to continue delivering unforgettable experiences to fans across the continent.

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