brings their intoxicating blend of rock and roll to the Linsmore Tavern in Toronto!

Last night, I had the privilege of attending the show at the Linsmore Tavern in Toronto. is a rock band formed in the early 2000s featuring the powerful vocals of front man Darrell Millar, who steps out from behind the kit in his day job with the Killer Dwarfs. With a vintage 70’s sound with a little modern edge, the band mesmerized the audience with their 90-minute set of the Pocket Change album, the Backseat Surprise album, as well as several astounding AC/DC covers.

The band’s powerful yet smooth sound was readily apparent as soon as the first song began, with Moishe Fenstien’s bass providing a strong foundation and some driving rhythms on top of Adrian Caven’s hypnotic drums. The pair created a sound that kept me hooked and locked in for the rest of the ride.

Carlton Lockhart must also be mentioned for his astounding performance on guitar. His intricate guitar licks and solos were truly breathtaking and a masterful display of musicianship. I would urge anyone to go to one of their concerts if you ever get the chance because his guitar playing is a must-see!

In conclusion, rocked the house last night with an amazing performance. Their strong set of originals and insanely precise AC/DC covers ignited the small crowd and certainly won’t be forgotten. Do yourself a favor and catch them the next time you can!

The Setlist is down below and don’t forget to leave a comment 🙂

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