Killer Dwarfs @ The Rockpile, Toronto

The Rockpile in Toronto was the site of a recent Killer Dwarfs concert, and it was a killer show! The band was on fire, the venue was rocking, and the crowd was totally into it. Here’s a review of the show.

The Band: The Killer Dwarfs were tight and on point all night. They played all of their hits and some deep cuts as well, and the whole set was full of energy. The crowd was singing along and having a great time.

The Venue: The Rockpile is a great venue for live music. It’s got a great stage and sound system, and the staff are always helpful and friendly. The venue was packed for this show, but there was still plenty of room to move around and dance.

The Crowd: The crowd at this show was awesome! Everyone was there to have a good time, and they were really into the music. There was a great atmosphere of excitement and fun.

The Setlist is down below and don’t forget to leave a comment 🙂

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