Album Review: Call to the Wild – Nita Strauss

Nita Strauss, the Los Angeles native who made waves with her debut album ‘Controlled Chaos,’ has returned with her highly anticipated second full-length release, ‘The Call Of The Void.’ Signed under Sumerian Records, Strauss has built an impressive reputation for herself in the world of rock and metal, and her latest offering only solidifies her status as a musical powerhouse.

Opening with “Summer Storm,” the album immediately sets the tone for what’s to come. The instrumental track serves as a tranquil prelude to the musical tempest that follows. With an enchanting melody and skillful guitar work, it offers a brief moment of respite before diving into the heart of the record.

“The Wolf You Feed” featuring Alissa White-Gluz (of Arch Enemy fame) showcases Nita Strauss’s ability to seamlessly blend melody with raw power. The combination of Strauss’s shredding guitar and White-Gluz’s fierce vocals makes for a captivating track. The collaboration sets a high bar for the rest of the album.

“Danger” and “Through the Noise” maintain the intensity and feature guest appearances by Chris Motionless and Lzzy Hale, respectively. The former is a punchy and energetic track, while the latter showcases Strauss’s talent for crafting intricate guitar solos that complement Hale’s powerful voice.

“Dead Inside” featuring David Draiman, well-known as the frontman for Disturbed, is a standout moment on the album. This track perfectly embodies the controlled chaos that Strauss is known for. With Draiman’s signature vocal style and Strauss’s fierce guitar riffs, “Dead Inside” is a sonic force to be reckoned with.

“Victorious” featuring Dorothy and “Winner Takes All” featuring the legendary Alice Cooper are further highlights on ‘The Call Of The Void.’ These tracks showcase the diversity of Strauss’s musical influences and her ability to adapt her style to complement the talents of her collaborators. “Victorious” is a bluesy and empowering anthem, while “Winner Takes All” is a dark and theatrical piece that Cooper’s iconic voice effortlessly elevates.

The instrumental tracks like “Scorched” and “Momentum” demonstrate Strauss’s virtuosity as a guitarist. They serve as breathers between the more vocally-driven songs, allowing the listener to fully appreciate her technical prowess.

“The Golden Trail” featuring Anders Fridén and “Monster” featuring Lilith Czar further emphasize the collaborative nature of ‘The Call Of The Void.’ These songs offer a platform for the featured artists to shine alongside Strauss.

The album concludes with “Kintsugi” and “Surfacing,” featuring Marty Friedman, bringing an emotional and reflective closure to this musical journey. “Kintsugi” showcases Strauss’s more tender and introspective side, while “Surfacing” is an explosive culmination of the album, featuring the exceptional guitar work of Marty Friedman.

In ‘The Call Of The Void,’ Nita Strauss effortlessly combines melodic elements with hard-hitting riffs, exemplifying her musical evolution and mastery of her craft. The album is a testament to her ability to collaborate with a wide array of artists while maintaining her unique style.

Nita Strauss has undeniably solidified her presence in the rock and metal scenes. ‘The Call Of The Void’ is not just an album but a declaration of her prowess, a captivating showcase of her guitar wizardry, and an embodiment of her journey from ‘Controlled Chaos’ to a full-fledged force in contemporary rock music. With its memorable tracks and guest appearances, ‘The Call Of The Void’ is a must-listen for rock enthusiasts and testament to Nita Strauss’s status as one of rock’s greatest talents.

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