In Flames @ Budweiser Stage, Toronto

In Flames Set the Budweiser Stage on Fire in Toronto

Few bands are as synonymous with the heavy metal genre as In Flames, and few still bring their audience to such an enthusiastic frenzy as they do. Friday night’s performance at the Budweiser Stage in Toronto was more than just another stop on the band’s global tour: it was a chance for them to play some of their classic songs to one of their most passionate audiences yet, and the thousands in attendance weren’t about to let them down.

Intro of Band Members
In Flames is a Swedish metal band that was formed in 1990. The current members are vocalist Anders Fridén, guitarists Jesper Strömblad and Niclas Engelin, bassist Peter Iwers, and drummer Daniel Svensson. The band’s musical style consists of melodic death metal with some other genres mixed into their music as well.

The Crowd
Upon walking into the venue, one could feel the excitement in the air. The opening act had just finished and everyone was anxiously waiting for In Flames to take over. They came out with their guns blazing, opening up with their most popular song Rusted Nail. The crowd went wild when they started playing all of their classic songs such as Clayman and Alias. The band seemed genuinely happy to be playing, which made it even more fun for everyone there.

The Venue & Other Bands
Toronto’s Budweiser Stage has never seen a show like In Flames. The Swedish metal band from Gothenburg played a set of classics and fan favorites, including Only for the Weak, The Mirror’s Truth, Fear is the Weakness, and more. They closed with an encore of hits, including their newest single, I Can’t Stay.

Album Review
The Swedish heavy metal band In Flames, who are no strangers to headlining tours and festivals, took the stage at the Budweiser Stage in Toronto as part of their North American tour. The show was everything we expected and more: full of intense guitar riffs, melodic vocals and an instrumental prowess that left us speechless.

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In Flames Setlist Budweiser Stage, Toronto, ON, Canada, Metal Tour of the Year 2022

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