Ruling the Stage: Seven Kingdoms Conquers The Mod Club in Toronto

I had the pleasure of seeing Seven Kingdoms open for one of my favorite progressive metal bands, Evergrey, at The Mod Club in Toronto recently, and it was a night of pure metal bliss. Led by the husband-and-wife duo of guitarist Camden Cruz and vocalist Sabrina Valentine, Seven Kingdoms set the tone for the night right from the start. They flew through a quick setlist, providing an intense, full-body experience of melodic metal that had the entire audience entranced.

Cruz’s intricate and often frenetic guitar work is breathtaking to witness, and Valentine’s vocals have a unique edge to them that is simultaneously sharp and smooth; together, they complement each other perfectly. The rest of their lineup provided a rock-solid performance that was full of powerful riffs, roaring vocals, and all-around amazing energy.

It was clear that Seven Kingdoms not only showed that they can produce some heavy metal with a lot of power, but they also showed that they can craft great music.

It was an incredible night at the Mod Club, thanks to Seven Kingdoms and Evergrey. Their performance was sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone in the audience. Fans of metal are not going to want to miss seeing Seven Kingdoms the next time they come to town.

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