Ethan Brosh @ The Rockpile, Toronto

From the moment I arrived at the Rockpile in Toronto, Ontario, I knew that it was going to be a great time.

As I waited for the opening band to come on, the crowd built up and though everyone came from different walks of life, they all carried the same excited energy.

When the first band took to the stage, they let loose with their mixture of music, prompting a few people to get out onto the floor and test out their moves.

The second band was also really good and managed to crank up the heat!

Finally Ethan Brosh hit the stage and played a blistering set.

He is known for his ability to bring it and tonight was no exception as he showed both his guitar mastery as well as his charisma.

The audience felt every note in their bones and cheered him on throughout his set.

There is nothing quite like seeing a musician who is so passionate about what they do, even after years of playing live!

Ethan Brosh Setlist The Rockpile, Etobicoke, ON, Canada 2019

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