Rockin’ Through Time: Helloween’s Legendary Journey at The History Club, Toronto

Last night, in Toronto, the History Club ushered in a special event: The United Forces Spring Tour 2023 featuring German power-metal legends Helloween alongside supporting guests Hammerfall. This mesmerizing thirteen-city North American tour was the only show in Canada, so metal-lovers from far and wide gathered to witness this momentous occasion.

When I arrived for the show sometime after 6 pm, tickets were still available online, as well as at the door. At 7 pm sharp, Hammerfall took to the stage and the crowd roared with delight. The energy levels in the room were palpable and the walls of the venue echoed and shook with every electrifying riff.

As time moved on, the venue filled with more and more enthusiastic patrons until it practically felt like a sold-out affair. Onlookers scrambled to get a glimpse of the band as the merch tables packed a full house of browsers that stretched across the room and down to the lower level general admission area of the venue all night.

Finally, when 8:30 PM rolled around, Helloween graced the stage. Festivities were topped when the fans also know as helloweenies or pumpkinheads dream finally became a reality: Michael, Andi and Kai together on the same stage! From my perspective, it became clear why both bands achieved such iconic status in the metal community.

Overall, for me personally, if you didn’t know already, it was the first time I saw both bands under one roof. My experience with The United Forces Tour was nothing short of Legendary. I highly recommend catching any of the remaining dates of the tour if you’re a fan of either Helloween or Hammerfall. It’s truly an event you won’t want to miss. I’m glad I didn’t.

The Setlist for Helloween and Hammerfall is down below and don’t forget to leave a comment 🙂

Connect with Helloween : Website || Twitter || Facebook|| Instagram

Connect with Hammerfall : Website || Twitter || Facebook|| Instagram

Helloween Setlist History, Toronto, ON, Canada, United Forces 2022-2023
HammerFall Setlist History, Toronto, ON, Canada, North American Brotherhood 2023

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